The Story of Gossamer Wump

The Story of Gossamer Wump

The record came with a 'story book', actually just part of the protective jacket for the record. This is a series of seven pictures that depict parts of the story. And here they are.
The audio quality is poor in order to keep the file size down to a reasonable size; it is difficult to hear high notes such as the triangle for instance.

A high quality CD and Cassette version is available in the Wump Store.

How Gossamer Discovers The Triangle (891Kb)

Mother Wump Sends Gossamer To Music School (397Kb)

Learning Under Professor Cutty Nutty Dump (323Kb)

Playing For Gaylord Gout (387Kb)

Stanislof Hudnutt Hires Gossamer (493Kb)

Disaster Strikes Gossamer In Concert (1170Kb)

All's Well That Ends Well For Gossamer (461Kb)

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