The Story of Gossamer Wump

The Gossamer Wump Fan Club
updated July 4, 2014

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I have been surprised and pleased at the response to these Wump pages
since I first put them up in 1991.
It has become very obvious to me that there are a lot of olde time Wumppies out there.
Send me your recollections of Gossamer and I will post them here.

And yes, you can purchase a Cassette, CD or Video! Sorry, these are no longer made

[03-10-14] Ethel Young represents Litchfield, MN

[11-16-12] Arland Menninga represents Matteson, IL

[08-01-12] Suzanne Werner of Oshkosh, WI and her five sibs grew up listening to Gossamer and can't wait to introduce him to her children and grandchildren.

[08-01-12] Victoria Zizzo, who is Suzanne Werner's sister, living in Cresent City, Or. is ready to listen to Gossamer again too!

[05-12-12] Patrick Quigg of Aberdeen, WA. laughing with friends over memories of Gossamer.

[02-26-12] Valerie Vagts of St. Paul, MN. speculates that this is what one does in retirement.

[02-06-10] M.R. Arnold represents Citrus Heights, CA.

[12-24-09] Penny Smith represents Ofallon, MO.

[12-11-09] Sara McKee of Rochester, MN looking for to hear childhood favorite again.

[27-12-08] Maxine Sclar of Portland, ME. treasure the memory of the feel of the 78rpm record.

[11-28-08] Janet Christopherson represents Eagan, MN

[04-08-08] Jack Thompson location unknown and his four brothers lost the record years ago and have been looking for it for years.

[02-26-08] Jean Beatty represents Venice, FL

[10-05-07] Bobbie Bollinger of Prescott, AZ played the dickens out of her recording while growing up in Oklahoma.

[05-01-07] Wendell Burgal of Prescott Valley, AZ wants to hear all the laughing again.

[02-06-07] Janet Kurkski of Washougal, WA was recently reminiscing with her husband about Gossamer.

[12-14-06] Lynnette Dahl of Olathe, KS (go Razorbacks) and her three brothers (see next) always listened to Gossamer.

[12-14-06] Richard Doores (Lynnette's Brother) represents Fairfax, Ca.

[12-14-06] Fred Doores represents Port Townsend, Wa.

[12-14-06] Stuart Doores represents Lawrence, KS.

[12-12-06] Laird Whitehill represents New York, NY.

[12-01-06] Robert Wells now represents Charlotte, NC. He one of the brothers mentioned next.

[11-21-06] Anne Wells' husband of Murray, KY has fond memories of listening to Gossamer with his brothers as a child.

[11-04-06] Jim Crowley (04-20-99) checked in again. He say's he is still a devoted fan and hased introduced Gossamer to his kids and now his grandkids. Turns out Jim lives near where I had an amazing Wump encounter in Price, Utah (the middle of nowhere).

[10-31-06] Rupert Pelham Cole, Bristol, UK states that his fave charactor is most definitely Gaylord Gout!

[08-15-06] Carolyn Kidder represents Wayne, PA.

[07-25-06] Lynda Even represents Minneapolis, MN

[06-20-06] Thom Myers of San Diego recently tried to play the 78 rpm record and were prepared to laugh along but found the record cracked.

[06-19-06] Debra Morgan, location unknown, reports that she is now the third of her family to join this fanclub (her Uncle and Mom are long time members). Her brother and her used to listen for hours and giggle hystericallyeverytime Gossamers pants fell down.

[06-07-06] Basrbara Tilden represents Claremont, Ca.

[05-31-06] Carlotta Ledenham of Washburn, MO wants to go back to her childhood and listen to Gossamer.

[05-31-06] Storm Rhode IV represents Vienna, VA.

[05-06-06] Linda Lindquist has been looking for Gossamer for years.

[02-14-06] Paul Soroken represents Pittsfield, MA

[02-10-06] Susan Charbonneau and her sisters used to be reduced to giggles listening to Gossamer. She suggests declaring a Gossamer Wump Day!

[01-16-06] Mable Coleman represents Santa Cruz, Ca.

[11-08-06] Norm Melvin can't wait to share Gossamer with his kids. He say's they will freak.

[11-04-06] Karen Dowling represents Victoria, Australia.

[11-07-05] Karen Dowling represents Victoria, Australia.

[10-19-05] Phillip Scott represents Seattle, WA.

[08-26-05] Steven Scott represents University Place, WA.

[08-24-05] Jim Minor of Bentonville, AZ recounts how until today he thought he was the only one who grew up with Gossamer.

[06-14-05] Peter Mathieu represents Houston, TX.

[05-25-05] David Collins represents Celebration, FL.

[04-01-05] Wump Vermeulen of Woerden, Netherlands now knows about Gossamer Wump. He say's there is no family connection.

[03-11-05] Peggy Hsiao of Montclair, NJ notes that Gossamer is a hilarious part of several family generations.

[01-11-05] Elizabeth Grippe of White Plains, NY say's Gossamer is long ago favorite of hers.

[01-18-05] Ellen Lewin represents Iowa City, IA.

[12-19-04] Ann Davis of Chula Vista, CA recounts how she and her sister, then both members of the Clemsin University (SC) "Tiger Band" had to spend many boring hours in the music lab. They found the Gossamer Wump album one day in a locker and despite a note attached to it saying "DO NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO LISTEN TO THIS" began playing it over and over until one day it simply dissappeared.

[11-05-04] Judith Miller represents Henderson, NV.

[10-30-06] Heidi Plummer represents Rowayton, CT.

[10-26-04] Laura Hight of Maple Grove, MN say's she remembers her dad and his brother talking about it on night when she was just a kid. They were laughing so hard that she remembered the name all these years since.

[10-23-04] Peggy Sheley of Houston TX say's thought her family was the only one to hear about Gossamer.

[08-30-04] Laurie Dawe represents Glendale, AZ.

[07-21-04] Darlene Huckobey of Santa Cruz CA. say's her brother drove her crazy by playing Gossamer Wump over and over all day long.

[07-06-04] Toni Hamilton represents Vancouver, WA.

[06-01-04] Rick Torgerson represents Cleveland, MS.

[03-23-04] Edward Lohr represent Tigard, OR.

[03-17-04] Laurie Cummins of Santa Barbara (see 2 notes below) has loved Gossamer for nigh unto 60 years and had thought he had dissappeared from the face of the earth.

[02-15-04] Richard Shinn of Sacramento, CA still laughts after 45 years when he hears the slide flute sound! (me too!).

[02-02-04] Richard North of a caregiver from Santa Barbara surprised Laurie with news of Gossamer on her 87th birthday. She say's thanks, this is the best birthday she has had in a long time.

[01-13-04] Mary McMahon represents Kingston, ONT.

[12-18-03] Hannah Nebeker of Gearhart, OR represents Maple Valley, OR.

[12-04-03] Kreigh Tomaszewski of Grand Rapids, MI could have been knocked over by a breath when his co-worker knew about Gossamer. He still has his record after 41 years and will not part with it for anything.

[12-10-03] Al Kealoha De Arco, I think from Hawaii (he signed his note Malhalo) stumbled onto this website while dissussing a new material that is made from the DNA of spiders and cows (it's a gossamer like material). They immediately dropped their research into strong materials in favor of GW.

[09-09-03] Curt Adams of Yorkville, IL used to tell his kids the Gossamer Wump story. In fact he say's they still ask him to tell parts of the story.

[08-21-03] Kathleen Shelley represents North Las Vegas, NV.

[07-31-03] Sanford Wilbur of Nilan, NH has always wanted to share this favorite children's story with his grandchildren.

[06-24-03] Tamar Abraham of Lakewood, NJ recalls going with her parents to the library in Kew Gardens, NY to get their favorite record, among many and thought that was just nostalgia until hearing him again and now feels that it is all real.

[06-13-03] Janet De Vito represents Hophinton, NH.

[04-25-03] Thomas Rushmore say's he has tears in his eyes after hearing Gossamer 40 years from the last time. This Marine Master Sargent mentions that Frank Morgan's wonderfull grandfatherly voice still makes him feel safe and secure 40 years later.

[04-21-03] Anita Paige of Rapid City, SD has fond memories of sitting around and giggling while listening to her long lost record years ago.

[04-11-03] Rowland Hill of New York, NY say's he thinks his wife felt he was crazy when he and his mother sang bits of Gossamer Wump from memory.

[04-02-03] Peter Diamond of Auckland, New Zealand credits Gossamer (and other positive children's stories) for helping him get through a difficult childhood. 54 years ago New Zealand had no TV and he used to listen to these stories on his radio and far prefered the American stations for their stories.

[04-11-03] Merrie Fridkis represents Los Angeles, Ca.

[03-16-03] Dennis Alexander of Warren, Ohio still regrets the day over 50 years ago when he left the album on a chair for someone to sit on.

[03-11-03] Suzanne Chamier is very pleased to represent Austin, Texas and wonders what Gossamer thinks about geopolitics now that he is in Kuwait.

[02-26-03] Terry Gensemer represents Birmingham, AL.

[02-11-03] Randy Opela represents San Diego, CA.

[01-14-03] Nancy Doutt of Big Flats, NY still utters 'Poor George, we forgot to let him out of the suitcase' whenever anyone forgets to do something they should have done sooner.

[01-08-03] Suzanne Chamier represents Austin, TX.

[01-04-03] Tom Torinus represents Bailey's Harbor, WI.

[12-30-02] Gary Screaton of Toronto, ONT is still a fan after all these years.

[12-30-02] Nancy Doutt of Big Flats, NY has been searching for Gossamer for almost 20 years and still uses the phrase 'Poor George, we forgot to let himn out of the suitcase' whenever anyone forgets to do something they should have done sooner. She is sending a tape to her son in Kuwait.

[12-16-02] Ben Grossman of Toronto, Ontario is a professional percussionist and even gets to play the triangle even though he hasn't completed the full six year course.

[12-13-02] Pat Ostlund represents South Pasadena, CA.

[12-06-02] William Schmidt of Los Gatos, CA. has fond memories of Gossamer from his childhood.

[12-01-02] Pat Ward represents Great Falls, VA.

[11-10-02] Michael Merren of San Antonio, TX states that this story was his absolute favorite as a child.

{11-07-02] Margaret Hardin represents West Sacramento, CA.

[07-09-02] Jon Merrill of Allentown, PA sent me a review of the record from a 1951 issue of Children's Activities. Gee, the record only cost $1.50 then!

[06-22-02] Karin Thomas represents San Antonio, Texas.

[05-09-02] Eleanor Cornog of Newport, Rhode Island had a copy of Gossamer Wump was on the back of another record (about cows and pigs). She is sure she can still recite the entire album.

[05-02-02] Gayle Bilbee of Indianapolis, Indiana hopes to recapture one of her happy childhood memories with her brother.

[04-12-02] David Johnson of Aiken, South Caroline knows that if you put all 11 of the Johnson kids in a room that they could reconstruct the story verbatum. In 1981 he met a woman who brought him a triangle when she found out that he too was a Gossamer Fan. He is still married to her and still has the triangle.

[04-11-02] Michael Morrison: I don't know if I ever wrote you back. I read Jon Katz's novel "Sign Off" and it was as you said. The father does answer the phone and say's that he is Gossamer Wump. Good story but no other reference.

[04-10-02] Kathy Lowry from Oroville, Ca even has the original record jacket, torn in two pieces and wrinkle but states that as a musical family Gossamer's story had even more meaning.

[03-25-02] Randy Consortium (location unknown) states that Gossamer was probably as much responsible for him becoming a professional mussian (percussion of course) as any other influence that he has had. He even has a huge 2 foot high triangle made out of 1-1/2" metal (that is BIG).

[03-02-02] Peter Boynton is representing Mc Lean, Va.

[01-16-02] And hello Faye Layton of Ogden, UT.

[01-15-02] Sallie Boden represents Sterling, CO.

[01-07-02] Frederick Nesta represents New York City, NY.

[01-03-02] Elizabeth Bunting (location unknown) states that her grandson has decided to play the triangle but is worried that he doesn't have one green eye and one blue eye!

[12-31-01] Betsey Bunting, address unknown, says her grandson now wants to play the triangle.

[12-21-01] David Walker is representing Lyme, CT.

[12-19-01] James Rose represents North Vancouver, BC.

[12-17-01] Donna Matern is back again stating that her brohers' joy was uncontained.

[12-17-01] Jim Rose contacts from North Vancouver, BC and offers me some assistance locating a childhood friend of mine.

[12-10-01] Donald Webster represents Holliston, MA.

[11-29-01] Mike Neibaur is representing Salt Lake City, UT ... hmmm wonder if Gossamer has entered any events?

[11-27-01] Frederick Nesta is representing New York City, NY.

[11-26-01] Bruce Diner of Chadds Ford, PA writes that their recording of Gossamer Wump succumbed to his sister's dog (who's name incidently was not George).

[11-18-01] Donna Matern of Atlanta, GA writes GOSSiMURR! on this old, yellowed and partched grade school notepaper stating that the paper is as old as Gossamer.

[11-16-01] Barbara Lorman-Flynn represents Frederick, MD.

[11-02-01] Charley Kopp of Lafayete, CA did run away to the city with a suitcase containing peanut butter sandwiches in June of 1967 and wonders if there is a connection. BUT he was playing a guitar.

[11-02-01] Bev Gruber of Glendale, WI defys anyone to not have a harty belly laugh along with Gossamer.

[08-06-01] Linda Gentling represents Rochester, MN.

[08-01-01] Ed Moriarty represents Toronto, ONT.

[07-03-01] Steve Kant of Lusk, NY always wondered what happen to his record.

[05-30-01] Gloria Green represents Portland, IN.

[05-18-01] Hugh Wallace represents Wolfeboro, NH.

[05-09-01] Tami Wentworth of Rangeley, ME knows she can truely freak out her husband finally with Gossamer.

[03-27-01] Douglas Penn represents Girdwood, AK.

[03-24-01] Mark Shane of Walden, NY feels that Gossamer definately gave him the message to become a professional musician.

[03-16-01] Russ Provost of Cape Cod, MA listed Gossamer as one of his hero's when he filled out the application for the TV show 'Survivor'. Hmmmm.

[02-26-01] Paul Davenport of Jacksonville, TX thinks Gossamer looks pretty modern for a 50s sort of kid.

[02-20-01] Paul Schlichting of Redondo Beach, CA has alerted me that there is a Gossamer Wump video.

[02-19-01] Don Rutten of Woodbury, MN was called Wump by his oldest brother and the nickname has stuck.

[01-27-01] Mari Monono represents Omaha, NE.

[01-17-01] Larry Hornyak represents Export, PA.

[01-17-01] Donald Rutten represents Woodbury, MN.

[01-08-01] Andrew White of North Olmsted say's his parents sold the record in a yard sale.

[12-19-00] Lee Hood of San Diego, CA searched his attic for it a little while ago but couldn't find the record.

[12-13-00] Michael Mendoza represents Monrovia, CA.

[12-11-00] Helen Nixon remembers Gossamer as the family favorite.

[12-02-00] Bruce Diner of Chadds Ford, PA spent many hours with his sibling listening to the record until his dog ate it. The dog's name was not George!

[12-01-00] Clara Schroeder represents St. Louis, MO.

[11-27-00] Jeff Katz of Pickerington, OH thought he he and his sister where the only idiots out here who would never forget Gossamer.

[11-20-00] Dinah Morrison wants to keep George's tail wagging in Battle Creek, MI.

[11-18-00] Donna Matern writes GOSSiMURR from Atlanta, GA on paper that is probably as old as he is.

[11-09-00] Ryan Hoover of Foster City, CA wore the record out back in the 50s.

[09-25-00] Karen Blackburn represents Grand Marais, MN.

[09-19-00] J.C. Mitchell represents Dallas, TX.

[09-14-00] Matthew Bywaters represents Spotsylvania, VA.

[09-07-00] Robert Powers represents Pasadena, CA.

[08-28-00] Vanessa Kosses represents Tampa, FL.

[08-22-00] Jon Eakes of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada (Sharon's brother) had been searching the web for Gossamer for years but had spelled Whump instead of Wump.

[08-07-00] Sharon Eakes was at her brothers wedding decorating with her family when they began acting out Gossamer Wump. She said that their spouses rolled their eyes and couldn't image what caused all that laughter.

[07-22-00] Jon Merrill of Allentown, PA used to listen to the record at his parents summer home in Maine in 1953 and 1954 because their next door neighbor played it incessantly. It has made his whole summer this year to hear it again.

[07-20-00] Helen Jones of St. Louis, MO knows that her children will be very happy and that her ten grandchildren need to hear about Gossamer.

. [07-19-00] Paul Jadlos of Brasher Falls, NY says 'Bless you, I can't believe that you have it".

[07-13-00] Fran Judd (address unknown) was bored at work one day and typed in her sister Gail's nick name (Gaylord Gout). He was astounded that there actually was a charactor with that name.

[07-05-00] Mike Morrison of Battle Creek, MI is a percussionist and actual does play the triangle. He says that he actually does pack peanut butter sandwiches on his trips (but not as many as Gossamer!

[06-06-00] Charles Strauss represents Cambridge, MA.

[05-09-00] Mike Callahan of Columbia City, IN is delighted that others share his memories of Gossamer.

[05-06-00] ? Huart of West St. Paul, MN is sorry that I can no longer have the entire album on Gossamers Website. He states that his sister laughs just like the woman on the record.

[04-25-00] Ann McMinn of Farmington Hill, MI has been burdened with guilt after lending out her sisters copy of the record and never getting it back.

[04-21-00] Rose Alons of Sheboyan, WI along with her brother wore the record out as kids and want to pass the story on to their children and grandchildren.

[04-14-00] Bob Dawson of Los Altos, CA was delighted to find this site as his daughter wanted to introduce her son to Gossamer but found their record broken.

[03-04-00] Mary Ladouceur, address unknown learned all about Gossamer along with the other seven kids of her family.

[02-03-00] Verne Pence of Wantage, NJ thought that he was the only kid on Earth who had heard of Gossamer. Thinks he wore the record (and his mother) out.

[02-01-00] Ed McColly of Scotch Plains, NJ wants to bring to world of Wump to his children just as he had it so many years ago.

[01-20-00] Gerry Bouma of St. Paul, MN is the band teacher mentioned by Jim Wilcox (earlier in these notes). Gerry is thinking of putting it on for this fall's Childrens Concert. Information on the music score would be appreciated. Please send to me.

[01-19-00] Mike Moskovitz of Pleasant Hill, OR is back from deepest and darkest Uganda having found Gossamer's rusty triangle. He say's when he mentions Gossamer to his friends they look at him as if he's nuts. Now does that sound familiar or what?

[01-01-00] Warren Sproule didn't say much but his letter came cover with pretty stamps from Hamilton, Bermuda.

[12-28-99] Bob Hewitt of Chicago, IL. claims his brother Richard (see earlier fan club note) was voted out of the family after losing the record. Say's Bob "Such is life".

[12-20-99] Jim Watson of Katonah, NY "I used to listen to The Story of Gossamer Wump endlessly as a kid".

[12-15-99] Richi Tankersley of Shawnee Mission, KS talks about accessing Wump's site.

[12-15-99) Jeanne Person of Chicago, Ill found this site on a lark. She said "I should have known it would be there, everything else is".

[12-08-99] Sue Merry of McLean, VA "Mom is doing well and I think it is probably because of her great sense of whimsy and love of life (no doubt exemplified by her love of Gossamer Wump!)."

[11-18-99] Jim Wilcox of Minneapolis, MN "My band director is always talking about Gossamer Wump".

[11-17-99) Brian Redman of Richmond, B.C. "Thought he would find the record when they tore his Mom's house down; but it was not to be found".

[11-16-99] Melanie Mastalski of Charlotte, N.C. "I have twin girls and am going to introduce them to Gossamer. We lost the record in a house fire when I was in the fifth grade and thought it was gone forever".

[10-21-99] Jill Minehart of Traer, Iowa writes "We've been re-united after 50 years" writes. As an untalented violin player she and Gossamer became fast friends.

[10-09-99] Nellie Raye of Tucson, AZ and her sisters can still recite verbatim the entire record even though the record has beem missing in her family for over thirty years!

[10-05-99] Jim Crowley Wumpped the Haight-Ashbury street sign post in San Francisco. Now that is a Wump to be proud of.

[09-19-99] Jeff Zabin represents Evanston, IL.

[07-04-99] Andy MacFarland of Dayton, Ohio is busy trying to make a CD so he can preserve his delicate vinyl record.

[06-21-99] Deborah Lottinville represents Omaha, NE.

[06-21-99] Kathleen Shaddy of Pacific Junction, IA and her sister Deborah Lottinville of Omaha, NE just found the record while cleaning out their mother's attic. "We were able to recite the record without missing a beat, our husband's thought we were nuts".

[05-21-99] Hallie Bartlett of Ithaca, NY tells a story of how she and her friend Stephanie would spend hours acting out Gossamers story but when her wish for her own triangle came true they would fight so much over it that her mother suggested that they act out "I'm a Little Teapot" instead.

[5-12-99] Mackie Brooks represents Orange, CA.

[05-04-99] Vinnie Bartrilucci, (home unknown), informs me that John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame), dedicated his album "Centerfield" to Gossamer and that Billy May played the background music.

> [04-27-99] Kathy Burdick represents Macomb, IL.

[04-20-99] James Crowley, of Bountiful, Ut., has been a dedicated fan since 1956-7. He has never ever met anyone else who knew Gossamer (but then who has). He wants to have a wump-a-rama (camp out) and even though he didn't say it I bet the menu would be peanut butter sandwiches!

[04-19-99] Mary Courtney, address unknown, gave a humorous reading of The Gossamer Wump Story in high school speech.

[02-15-99] Helen Turner of Seattle, Wa. writes: "my cousin Liz gave the record to our family for Christmas, the year it came out. I remember, my violin teacher was visiting us one evening, and we played it for her because she had such a good sense of humor. She laughed until she cried, and her laugh fit right in with the laughs on the recording. By the way, later on in life she too had a dog named George who, however, was too big to fit into anybody's suitcase. He was a Shepherd/Malamute mix, ferocious-looking, but benign".

[02-06-99] Richard Hewitt of Portage, Michigan dubbed some tapes of the record a few years ago but they are now in the catagory of missing treasures. But he spells Wump differently (Whump). Does that have something to do with his accent?

[01-30-99] Phil Goshert of Anderson, Indiana tells me that while watching The Wizard of Oz today he got to thinking about Gossamer and decided to check online and found this page. Then he went a little further and I quote exactly. "A thought just occurred to me. Perhaps the Prez was telling the story of Gossamer Wump to Monica, and just wanted to show her how his performance went while playing the triangle. Poor Monica began laughing hysterically and fell forward onto her knees in front of the Prez just as Ken Starr entered the room, and one thing led to another! What do you think? It might work." I am still laughing.

I have also received inquiries from Mike Moskovitz, Joe Zacky and Robert Lunday. Hey guys what happened to you?

[01-18-99] Peter Muldavin ( from New York City probably has the largest collection of kiddie78s in the world, including Gossamer Wump. You will see him mentioned in the "Items of Interest" section of this site and that article appeared in 1992. If you are looking for any other old children's recording Peter says by all means to contact him.

[01-18-99] Shelli Barnson, Pelham NY found an old broken 78rpm record in her mothers things and when she asked why it was being saved her mother said it was her favorite record as a child and she couldn't throw it out. Thus began a 15 year search through record stores, newspaper ads until she finally found it (see following). It was like a rebirth for her mother who recognized it after the first two notes. Shelli is a nanny and is starting a new generation of listeners.

[01-01-99] Blake Wofford wrote again saying he got together with his family just after Christmas and that his brothers were just amazed to hear The Story of Gossamer Wump again. His father said "I haven't heard this for 40 years". The real big hit came when he brought the tape over to his Grandmothers. Her face just lit up! She was amazed and so happy.

[01-03-99] Elizabeth Engle, Edmonds Wa. surfaced after I brought my friend Allen home after a five day long New Years party. They got to talking about Gossamer at dinner and she mentioned that Gossamer was almost a cult thing to them. She also requested a button for her scientist cousin Ted Turner of Albuquerque, NM., another dedicated Wumpite.

[12-30-98] Silvia Westbrook of Shallowater, Texas used to listen to a program called "Bedtime Stories" on radio station KFYO with her sister and brother. Gossamer Wump was their favorite and her mother used to call the station to request that they play it on their birthdays. She say's listening to the tape was like being a child again.

[12-18-98] Blake Wofford ( from Arlington, TX. used to listen to Gossamer with his brothers Breck and Bart at his grandmother's house when he was 4 or 5. His brother called him recently and started off the call with "Jingle, jangle, jangle, I want to play the triangle". Blake described it was like a sledgehammer of pure joy and rememberance. Blake would love to hear from other fans!

[12-12-98] Keith Hunningford of Denver, CO owns a software developement business named

[11-30-98] Philip McClure of Silverdale, WA. informs me that the piece which Gossamer plays on his orchestral debut is Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours" from the ballet music for the opera "La Gioconda" and that it is the legitimate triangle part. Philip is pretty sure that both Gossamer and the laughing woman were done by June Foray, the premier voice specialist of her day.

[11-18-98] Gary Taylor of Lubbock, Texas found Gossamer after his sister asked for his help in finding out where she could get the recording.

[11-16-98] Dinah Fisher of Goleta, Ca. says that she and her fake brother Sam wore the grooves off the record when they grew up in the bayou country together and is giving her 80+ year old mother Modena and Sam a tape to remind both of the good times they had with Gossamer. They even liked to slow the record down to hear the laughter at different speeds.

[10-23-98] Bob Lunday, location unknown was stunned to find out that someone else knows about Gossamer Wump. He still kids about him with his friend Joe Zacky.

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