The Story of Gossamer Wump

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last changed on June 10, 2003

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The National Inquirer's
first article
about Gossamer
Here is an article found in
The Weekly World News
Gossamer is under scrutiny
A rare photo of Gossamer
driving his 1932 Ford truck
while wintering in Seldovia, Alaska.
An amateur's photo of
Gossamer walking onstage
for his first concert.
A Far Side cartoon
commemerating Gossamer
in a wierd but humorous style.
An newspaper article found in
a California newspaper from
someone searching for Gossamer.
Artist Craig Higman's conception
of the manufacturing of
Jill Quinn sends
this July 7, 1995
rumor/report from Kake, Alaska.
This is the last known photo
of Gossamer seen here surfing
the waves of Neah Bay, Wa.
Ever wanted to play
the card game?
An early review
A 1951 Children's Activities Magazine
article of the record.
The Australian Connection
Creedence Clearwater
The naming of the band.
Surfaced at long last!
Gossamer Wump, The Movie
View it here

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