2007 Lake Riley Beamish Tournament

4th Annual
Lake Riley Beamish Tournament

Always on St. Patrick's Day

Press Release
March 17, 2007
The 4th Annual
Lake Riley Invitational Beamish
Pellet Gun Shoot

It's now HISTORY
Art Bounds 5 ... Jim Higman 2

"Maybe it was the rain" states Jim Higman in his only printable reply to this reporter
when questioned about the weather. As a matter of fact, that was the only printable
response to all the questions. However, Art Bounds who was in a far more ebullient
mood never mentioned the weather. Art talked about training, mind control, gold panning
and a steady hand. 'Never' he roared 'absolutely never, have I shot better'. Jim snorted
something but refused to repeat himself and stomped away to the kitchen.

After a feast of corned beef & cabbage we were treated to another spectacle,the first
ever Lake Riley Non-Lethal Shoot. Same target and distance. First came the slingshot
slinging .45 cal lead balls. The one hit smashed the target folding the 16oz Beamish
Beer can in half. Finishing up, with about 20 powerful lobs from the 3 inch Potato Gun.
No hits but two near misses. One on the target and another, a demo shot straight up
fell within inches of Mike's head.

Trophies are custom designed and swapped among the winners of each shootout.
Planning for next St. Patrick's Day has already commenced.

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