RAVEN's Virtual Workshop: Area-13

RAVEN's Virtual Workshop: Area-13
Triangle Video Company
RAVEN's Homebrew Movies

I got the photography bug using a Kodak Brownie at age ten. Video entered the picture about 1968 (8mm, Super8 then finally VHS tape). I stopped using video about 1995. It is now time to get those old movies showing on the Internet.

The Barbers of Seville
movie length is 3:18 minutes
file size = 10.7 Mb
(updated 10-07-06)
Who needs a beard anyway?

A lesson in grammar
movie length is 5:23 minutes
file size = 15 Mb
(updated 12-22-05)

movie length is 1:28 minutes
file size = 5 Mb
(updated 11-28-05)

Jumpin' Ginnie
movie length is 1:32 minutes
file size = 1.5 Mb
(updated 12-03-05)
Sneak Preview trailer

Bob's Foundry
movie length is 17:48 minutes
file size = 58 Mb
(updated 10-07-06)
A lesson in casting aluminum.

An interview with a Gulf war vet.
movie length is 7:29 minutes
file size = 22 MB
(updated 12-04-05)
Chip talks of war and parachutes.

The Great Floods of Arlington.
movie length is 4:29 minutes
files size = 14 MB
(updated 04-15-06)
Arlington, Washington gets flooded again.

Higgy's Vacation
movie length is 11:50 minutes
file size = 36.1 Mb
(updated 10-06-06)
When Higgy visits, things go BOOM!

The Building of a Shed
movie length is 2:27 minutes
file size = 7 Mb
(updated 12-06-06)
Sneak Preview Trailer

BroJohn's Vocation, Part-1 Coffin Building .............................. 12:50 min -- 40 MB (updated 04-22-06)
BroJohn's Vocation, Part-2 The Phantom of the Woods ...... 2:33 min -- 6.4 MB (updated 05-22-06)
BroJohn's Vocation, Part-3 The Phantom Teeth .......................To Be Released Soon!
BroJohn's Vocation, Part-4 The Phantom of the Kitchen ... 4:08 min -- 12.6 MB (updated 06-13-06)

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