RAVEN's Virtual Workshop: Area-12 2

RAVEN's Virtual Workshop: Area-12
Triangle Humor Company
RAVEN's Homage to Humorous Events

These video clips have been sent to me over the past few years.
They show humor in an abstract way.
If you originally sent some of these to
I thank you!

A Bad Flight ... (2.5 Mb)
Bungee Jumping ... (675 Kb)
A car runs a light ... (1.8 Mb)
Lifeguard at a pool ... (1.1 Mb)
Is bi-lingualism good for Canada ... (4.7 Mb)
A bottle Butt Rocket ... (1.2 Mb)
Fresh Red Salmon ... (1.2 Mb)
A Parking Lot War ... (1.9 Mb)
DUI Arrest ... (1.9 Mb)
Race Car Pit Stop ... (584 Kb)

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