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This is the area where I develope various ideas.
It may be in the rough - it's constantly changing

last changed March, 2007

Fourth Annual
Lake Riley Beamish Pellet Gun Shootout
And a surprise winner.
(updated 03-17-07)

Come and see
Triangle Video Company
RAVEN's old homemade movies.
(updated 11-28-05)

My daughter Kacey's
April fools day.
(updated April 1st, 2005)

Record rain in Arlington area. (new on 10-21-03)

Jim's Surgery; April 23, 2003 (new on 04-25-03)

My Tax Refund - 2002 (new on 05-28-02)

A trip to La Push, Washington - 2002 (new on 05-23-02)

Build a Powered Model Plane for FREE (new on 04-27-02)

A July 1999 trip, Mom flys, we travel (new on 7-15-99)

Surfacing Submarine (new on 7-1-97 ... 51Kb)

Let your computer tell you the time (2.17Mb new on 4-4-99)

Popeye: Halarious Video (new on 4-29-98 ... 450Kb)

Flying with Brother Terry (new on 8-28-98)

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