The Story of RAVEN and Company

I used to be in the boat building business. In 1977 I had the opportunity to purchase a classic 1948 - 32 foot commercial fishing boat named Danny Boy. She was in wrecked condition and cost me $500. As I had always loved Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'The Raven' I decided to rename this boat RAVEN. Then the real work began. Scraping the peeling paint was hard work but not without it's rewards. Replacing planks and rechaulking work was done by my brother Craig, an expert shipwright. Finally, after months of work RAVEN is ready to be launched. I loaded her onto our company's flatbed trailor and hauled her to LaConner, Wa. to be launched. First we had to load a keg for the sea trial cruise and then my mother Ginnie christened RAVEN with a bottle of champagne. The next day we set off on RAVEN's maiden voyage with a motley crew of party hounds. We cruised frequently to Deception Pass and The San Juan Islands until I sold her a couple years later. Unfortunately, the new owner had more dreams than skills and ended destroying the boat while trying to refit her. But she lived on in my memory and I have already constructed the hull for her replacement and someday a smaller version of RAVEN will again be afloat.

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