The Sky Queen jumps with her family

Ginnie's Latest Adventure

It was cool. Again. We all meet at Snohomish Airport; Harvey Field. The weather had just broken and the sky is blue with clouds. It closed down again soon after our jump and rained for the next week. The three of us, my daughter Kacey (age 24), mother (age 81) and myself, son Jim (age 54) go through a quick training, how to roll out of the plane, how to fly and then we clammer into a Caravel airplane and take off like a rocket climbing to 14,000 feet. Each of us begin the tandem jump tumbling from the aircraft into a double summersault; mom first, me last. Then two miles free falling at speeds approaching 120 mph. It is exhilarating. The chutes pop out with a sharp jerk at 4000 feet and we float down in a more relaxed posture; yelling and screaming to our bulls eye landing. For some reason I arrive first, Kacey second and mom (after shaking the hand of another skydiver in free fall) lands last! Figure that out? And then a terriffic breakfast at Harvey Cafe. The family that falls together stays together.

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