The Sky Queen flys a jet

Ginnie's Latest Adventure


It was cool. We were met at the gate of this large the base and QM1 James Weisberg took us in charge and brought us to headquarters where Lt Chuck Lund, a helicopter pilot escorted us to The Base Commander, Captian Munns, for a brief hello. AND THEN off we went to fly a jet. In this case the jet is an EA-6B Prowler, a 61,000 pound electronic countermeasures machine. Actually, we were flying a ... simulator of this aircraft. For over two hours, we flew all around Puget Sound, landing in Renton, landing on the Nimitz aircraft carrier, and going as far north as Vancouver B.C. Brother Terry, the first pilot used his newly won experience as a pilot to successfully land and leave several points. However, BrotherJim managed to miss the Nimitz but was able to take out the control tower while attempting to land at NAS Whidbey. Exhaulted, we began the next adverture, an unexpected tour of the rest of this huge 10,000 acre base by the staff marine biologist Matt. Quail, Eagle, Blue Heron Rookeries, salt water flat reconstruction projects and more. On to the CPO Club for a lunch of BLTs and Bud and an hour of being treated as VIPs in an off base Navy resturant before the final tour of the maintenance building of the various squadron's which are pictured above. We are all babbling about this experience.

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